Mental Health / Substance Abuse Billing

DENmaar provides billing services for individual full time providers, group clinics, and substance abuse / behavioral hospitals for both inpatient and outpatient settings. Whether it is in an ER or a provider’s sofa we know the best practices for all MH settings. Our team focuses solely on mental health and substance claims and billing and provide all of our clients with in-house cutting edge revenue cycle management (RCM) software and services. Our RCM program provides all the tools you need to run a successful practice in one easy to use program. As a DENmaar client you can expect the following results:

The DENmaar Difference

Our main focus is on the claims management process; with our clearinghouse providing eligibility checks prior to each claim submission, a quick turn around time with ERA’s to reconcile the claims and automatic display of ERA data on our in-house developed RCM provider portal. We have found that this process gives our providers and their patients much more accurate results rather than trying to anticipate how a claim will process. You receive real claim data back so there is no guess work on patient balances.

Cutting Edge Revenue Cycle Management Services and Software

Our cutting edge easy-to-use revenue cycle management (RCM) software and services simplify and speed up workflow cycle management by enabling our clients to track patient care episodes from registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of claims and patient balances. Our RCM program is based on 3 simple steps – provider collects the patient co-pay, enters charge detail, then collects the balance from the patient after the claim has processed. We can also setup your current EHR software to interact with our RCM program so there is no double entry required for charge capture.

Full Service Billing Company

We also provide qualified accounts credentialing application management and CAQH profile management at no extra cost. We have found that most clients are unsure of their par status with their current insurers and aren’t sure which insurer’s are the best payers for their specialty and geographic area. We will review your current insurance panels and manage your applications with those insurers you should be on par with. Getting on par as quickly as possible for most insurers requires an up-to-date CAQH profile. We will also review your CAQH profile to ensure all the necessary information is provided so there is no delay in getting your credentialing application approved as quickly as possible. DENmaar will also submit any old unpaid claims for new qualified accounts at no cost. We understand that clients looking for our services may have had issues with their previous billing and want to make the transition to our company as easy as possible. And, we want you to be able to collect that revenue before the window for submission has closed.


All of DENmaar’s services are included in our all-inclusive monthly rate – no add-on fees. We also absorb clearinghouse fees. If you are familiar with cloud based software there are fees for each user, a monthly cost in addition to fees for a clearinghouse. DENmaar is a billing service that has it’s own enterprise software eliminating monthly user fees. In one example we saved an account over $4,000/month in 80 user fees and $1,500/month in clearinghouse fees. And, as a result of using our services we increased their revenue from $200K/month to $250K in just 3 months. So why not join DENmaar today!

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DENmaar Gives Back

DENmaar Psychiatric Billing is a Proud Sponsor of The Soldiers Project

The Soldiers Project is a nonprofit organization established in 2010 to provide free, confidential and unlimited mental health services to any active duty service member or veteran, as well as family members, who have served since September 11th, 2001. 

To date, The Soldiers Project has provided free and confidential treatment to thousands of military service members and their families, and provided training in best clinical practices to thousands of clinicians via in-person conferences, symposia and online webinars. DENmaar has been a proud sponsor of The Soldiers Project since 2015.   

If you would like more information about The Soldiers Project:

DENmaar Psychiatric Billing is a Proud Sponsor of Mindfulness First:

A Sense of Calm for Communities and Classrooms

Mindfulness First was formed in October of 2013 to bring Mindfulness-Based life-skills to schools in Arizona, with an ultimate goal of changing educational standards in AZ to include Mindfulness-Based Social Emotional Learning.  Mindfulness First is a sponsored project of the Technical  Assistance Partnership of Arizona (TAPAZ).

Their mission is to offer scientifically-informed programs based in Mindful Awareness and Social-Emotional Learning which provides children and adults with the tools to manage stress and navigate life’s challenges and to expand educational standards in Arizona to include programming that supports and promotes positive mental health and well-being. DENmaar has been a proud sponsor of Mindfulness First since 2017.

If You would like more information about Mindfulness First:

The Soldiers ProjectHealing the Hidden Wounds of War


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Support Mindfulness in Education