A mental health care provider asked us recently how she could get more patients. She has been in practice for decades. She was in practice before modern technology edged its way into the business world- before cell phones and before even pagers. To see what she was doing to reach potential patients, I did some searches for her online- todays yellow pages.

The first thing I did was look for her in Psychology Today since they push lot of articles on Facebook, targeting users to whatever their current life issues may be. I looked in her zip code on their “Find a therapist/psychologist” search tool. She wasn’t listed. So she wasn’t getting her name out there even with that.

But what the real shocker was that just in that zip code alone there were over 200 mental health care providers- and these were only the ones listed with that particular publication- meaning there are probably at least 50% more out there who, like her aren’t even listing themselves where a reader can come across her practice.

Then I searched for her online- nothing. Not even a Healthgrades page, and that is with me searching for her by name. We know her name,  and could look specifically for her. A future patient does not, and only looks for what they are specifically looking for, for example “troubled teen, Toms River” this is how people look for the help they need, unless they are getting a specific referral from a pediatrician or Family care provider, and that’s even if those mental health providers are even taking new patients. (Which is another topic on it’s own, some providers have such a full load they can’t even take anymore because they have made sure they have gotten referrals, networked and gotten their name out there-as opposed to this particular situation).

When I searched for “Psychologist, Toms River New Jersey”. The first thing that pops up on the top of the page is a Google Map with the pin locations. People are visual and so the map catches their eye first. So this is what they will look at first before even going down the listings below. Do you know there were only 3 major ones pinned on google maps?! Of these three, only one, ONE had a website.

Are you invisible on the internet or are you one of the three that easily stand out? “First of all, say the experts, stop stereotyping yourself. Obviously, with background and experience…it’s important to realize that others have had similar experiences, But that’s just a starting point for building…” You really have to show that you are different from the other 300 mental healthcare providers in your area.

We here at Denmaar have all the tools to help you get your name out there from web page design to helping you with  Google Small Business  tips. Because you want local patients you will advertise differently than a company that does more than local business. You don’t need to advertise for people searching in China. You goal is to keep your advertising in your perimeter so those future patients can find you. We at Denmaar Psychiatric Billing are family operated. We have professionals with experience in Media online content, customer service,  and years and years of insurance billing experience. Our family wants to help you Stand out and put your best foot forward.


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