We are excited to be one of the only billing and claims services that offers an modern way to pay.

Our peer-to-peer program (P2P) integrates Paypal with our RCM, to create a seamless way for patients to pay, and to automate payment tracking for providers.

With our software, patients can make payments without any type of account, and can simply make a payment at the office or through an email link in less than a minute.

Here are five things to know about Denmaar’s peer-to-peer program.


The peer-to-peer program automates payment tracking and makes it easier for patients to make payments.

The P2P program is an automated patient payment system that uses invoices generated through Paypal. Payments can be made without any type of account requirement. When payments are made they are automatically recorded and reconciled on Denmaar’s RCM system.


The peer-to-peer program makes it easier for providers to get paid, and track payments.

Our  RCM software lists patient balances. Now, there is an email icon next to each patient balance. Our system now allows providers to simply click the icon to send an email to a patient to make a payment. When the patient makes the payment, it is automatically recorded and updated to the RCM system.


Denmaar is one of the only billing companies that offers a peer-to-peer program.

Most software requires patients to access an account to make a payment. The P2P program eliminates this, and makes it easier for providers to use not only use billing technology, but to get paid. Most patients are similar with some type of digital payment system, which makes making payments nearly second nature.


The new peer-to-peer program is available now!

This new system is active, and is currently being tested!


The peer-to-peer program is available to all Denmaar clients.

Every Denmaar client can utilize the peer-to-peer program in any package they have with us!


Want to learn more about our peer-to-peer program or RCM software? Contact us by phone at 1-888-595-5101or email us at info@denmaar.com.


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